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Apr. 5th, 2017

Test post

Apr. 5th, 2017 08:22 am
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Trying to cross-post. If you're migrating to DW, I am under the same user name.
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-Our lab tour last Friday went fine, except one of the DoD guys was very touchy feely. He kept touching my arm. Not just mine, but the men as well. I suppose I should have said something, but he's going to retire in six months so I don't have to deal with him again.

-Dave's interview on Friday went well. He interviews with the project managers next week.

As for me, I get my review at the end of the month. My anniversary date is May 7th, but my boss is always out of town the first week of May for ARVO (big ophthalmology conference). Dr. K will also be going this year, and I'll be on two posters.

-Basement has dried out to puddles.

-Today is Andy's actual birthday. Hard to believe a year ago I was recovering in a hospital bed thinking "Holy crap, I made a person." It didn't seem quite real until he was born.


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