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-For Easter, we went out for lunch in Davis Square and had falafel. Falafel is from the Middle East and so is Jesus, so it fits :P
Andy was funny. We gave him some ketchup to dip his fries in. He grabbed a fry, started dipping, and smiled big. Then he kept dipping! We told him no, now you eat it, but he's like nope, I'm dipping. Then he put his fingers in the ketchup and played with it...sigh. We should get him finger paints.

After lunch we took Andy to a playground near the restaurant.

-Andy fell asleep on the way home, and we put on Doctor Who. He woke up halfway through so we had to keep pausing the episode to run after him as he wandered off.

-Finished The Three Body Problem and enjoyed it. I've already requested the second book in the series from the library. It's great to read some non-Western based SF. There's a lot of physics in the book which may not be everyone's cup of tea.

-My plan to go with Dave and Andy to the Marathon today was derailed. He napped until after 10am, then it took some time to get ready. Then we had to stop at CVS for sunscreen. Then Dave decided he wanted to eat lunch because all the restaurants in Kenmore would be packed. By the time we finished lunch, it was noon, and I realized if I went to the marathon, I'd have to turn right around and go to work. That's OK, I rode into Boston with them. On the way to the T, I picked up a kids' lion backpack a neighbor had put out for free. I wanted to get Andy a backpack he could take to day care, but hadn't gotten around to buying one yet. Score!

More stuff to talk about in a separate post.


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