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Apr. 18th, 2017 08:16 am
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In my user icon, Daisy is upside down on my PC, right side up on my phone.

What do you see?
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-For Easter, we went out for lunch in Davis Square and had falafel. Falafel is from the Middle East and so is Jesus, so it fits :P
Andy was funny. We gave him some ketchup to dip his fries in. He grabbed a fry, started dipping, and smiled big. Then he kept dipping! We told him no, now you eat it, but he's like nope, I'm dipping. Then he put his fingers in the ketchup and played with it...sigh. We should get him finger paints.

After lunch we took Andy to a playground near the restaurant.

-Andy fell asleep on the way home, and we put on Doctor Who. He woke up halfway through so we had to keep pausing the episode to run after him as he wandered off.

-Finished The Three Body Problem and enjoyed it. I've already requested the second book in the series from the library. It's great to read some non-Western based SF. There's a lot of physics in the book which may not be everyone's cup of tea.

-My plan to go with Dave and Andy to the Marathon today was derailed. He napped until after 10am, then it took some time to get ready. Then we had to stop at CVS for sunscreen. Then Dave decided he wanted to eat lunch because all the restaurants in Kenmore would be packed. By the time we finished lunch, it was noon, and I realized if I went to the marathon, I'd have to turn right around and go to work. That's OK, I rode into Boston with them. On the way to the T, I picked up a kids' lion backpack a neighbor had put out for free. I wanted to get Andy a backpack he could take to day care, but hadn't gotten around to buying one yet. Score!

More stuff to talk about in a separate post.
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-Andy's 12 month checkup was with one of the NPs because his regular doctor was off. She was a bit concerned with his weight (29 lbs) and spoke about making sure he has regular meals and snacks rather than grazing throughout the day...oops :) we also talked to her about sleep, and she's adamantly pro-CIO. So we're giving that another try. We were able to get him to sleep in his own bed all night, though he woke up twice. Dave slept through it but I laid awake and listened to him cry. It took him about 20-30 min each time, which in parent listening to child cry time, is about 67,000 years. We didn't do any overnight bottles, which I suspect is a big reason he's such a big boy. Anyway, his physical exam was fine, and he got Avengers band-aids for his vaccine sites :)

-I took him to a playground in the afternoon. He loved the swing and pushing around the toy lawnmower. He still doesn't like slides. Then we went to Davis Square, had a banana, and he walked around a bit.

-I apparently have plans for the next few weekends. Next weekend is the March for Science, and then a gaming/birthday party on Sunday. The weekend after is a baby shower, and then a work friend mentioned inviting us to her daughters birthday party the following week. I think the secret is to be adopted by extroverts :)
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-Our lab tour last Friday went fine, except one of the DoD guys was very touchy feely. He kept touching my arm. Not just mine, but the men as well. I suppose I should have said something, but he's going to retire in six months so I don't have to deal with him again.

-Dave's interview on Friday went well. He interviews with the project managers next week.

As for me, I get my review at the end of the month. My anniversary date is May 7th, but my boss is always out of town the first week of May for ARVO (big ophthalmology conference). Dr. K will also be going this year, and I'll be on two posters.

-Basement has dried out to puddles.

-Today is Andy's actual birthday. Hard to believe a year ago I was recovering in a hospital bed thinking "Holy crap, I made a person." It didn't seem quite real until he was born.

Test post

Apr. 5th, 2017 08:22 am
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Trying to cross-post. If you're migrating to DW, I am under the same user name.


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